Inshore fishing from RIU Guanacaste

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Inshore fishing from RIU Guanacaste

This was a Saturday off for us, we did not have any reservation. At 8:30 am a friend of the RIU Guanacaste hotel called us because some guests wanted the Tuna Fish to go fishing for 4 hours (half day of fishing). Of course I said yes, an hour later we left with matapalo beach with 4 clients. It seems to be a perfect day for fishing, no wind, a little cloudy but the weather and water are ideal for promoting fishing. Just a few minutes to start trolling a Mahi mahi took the bait, was the first of the 4 we fish. Also we caught 2 bonitos and a needle fish.
For being a half day of fishing and close to the coast, it was an excellent day of fishing, our friends were happy for the action they had.