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Thank you. Very happy. The crew was very good and friendly. My wife felt sea sick and they went out of there way to make her feel comfortable and she ended up feeling better. We ended up catching 6 bonitos, 1 rooster and 1 nice jack. Thank you very much and I will be back in a year to get a bigger rooster.
Jordan Camplin
The fishing was fantastic.We caught dorado or mahi mahi,a sailfish,bonito .The service was excellent along with the instructions for catching the fish.We saw whales, dolphins,sea turtles.All making for great day of fishing.Believe me we will be calling you again for another day.
Eddie Sanders
We had a great time!! Both the captain and the mate were awesome, and next time we are in Costa Rica we will be fishing with your group. Thank you for everything we love your country!!
Pablo Corral
We had a fantastic day and experience — saw whales, dolphins, and turtles too. We will come back again and fish with you. Hopefully within the next few years. Thank you so much for setting this up, truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Ike and Ediana
Hi, the trip was awesome!! We get Mahi here at home too, but never that large that we caught. I wish we caught billfish, but thats fishing!!
Richard B. Turner
I had a very good time on the two trips I took on the Needle Fish. I would recommend them to anyone who would to fish in Costa Rica. My plans are to come in May to fish with those men.
Bob Scheminant
Thank you Fradian!, We had an amazing day of fishing!. Our guide and the captain knew just where the mahi mahi and tuna were biting. A great day was had by all. We will be contact you again in our next Costa Rica fishing trip!
Christine Fruechte
Fishing on the Tuna Fish boat with nelson mendez was the best decision we made down here in Costa Rica. Everyone knows Costa Rica has great fishing , both in-shore and off-shore, but the Mendez crew took care of all aspects of the trip, from making you feel comfortable to working as hard as possible to ensure success on the water. We caught the biggest Mahi Mahi I have ever seen and nelson continued to work non-stop to make sure everyone reeled in the fish of their lifetime. They provided plenty of beverages and food and great local knowledge of the surronding area. I will not only recommend Mr. Nelson Mendez to my friends but warn that there is no way any other fishing crew could take care of a group like they did
Christiaan Trunz
We went offshore with capt Nelson and the tuna fish. The mates Oliver and Manuel were great. Very informative and worked hard to catch the fish. They were very prompt and helpful. We caught a few sailfish and a bunch of mahi mahi! Had a great time and would recommend these guys to anyone. I hope to go back out with them soon!
Josh Mosher
My whole family had a great time fishing on the Tuna Fish. The Captain and mate worked extremely hard to ensure we had a wonderful day.Thanks to their hard work we all landed a really nice Rooster fish, along with several other types fish. Thanks again for such a memorable day
The Terrell's Family
Fishing was outstanding … but the crew was even better. Captain Nelson is awesome … he worked so hard to get the fish to eat and the mates were absolutely outstanding in hooking the fish and coaching me through a tough fight. It was an awesome experience, i hope to be back soon!
Dr Lawrence Lottenberg
Good morning Fradian, I just wanted to thank you for setting up our trip on Tuna Fish with captain Nelson. Our trip was fantastic! Tuna Fish is an excellent day boat, clean, comfortable and fully equipped to handle all fishing situations. Captain Nelson and his crew are Knowledgeable, efficient and very friendly. They picked us up right at the resorts beach and welcomed us aboard. After a 30 minute ride we arrived at the fishing grounds and it was lines in. We got off to a relatively slow start (1 very large hound fish in two hours) but within a few hours everything changed. Bonita started churning at the surface, birds were diving and the bite was on. The mahi-mahi weren’t the biggest I have ever seen, but they were hungry and biting. We had multiple double and triple headers. About three quarters of the way through the trip Captain Nelson told me to watch the center long line. Within seconds, a 100 pound sailfish raced up from behind and took the bait. We quickly yelled for Dottie to get into the fighting chair and handed her the rod. This was Dottie’s first time deep sea fishing and a sure-fire way to make sure it won’t be her last J. After a very tough 30 plus minute fight with a very stubborn sailfish Dottie was able to get the fish to the boat. The crew very quickly and efficiently brought the fish aboard, removed the hook, took a picture and released the fish to be caught again another day. After several more mahi-mahi we pulled in our lines and headed back to the resort. By the time we got back to the resort, Captain Nelson’s mates had the fish filleted, packaged up and the boat cleaned. The resort was kind enough to prepare our fish for us for dinner that night and without question, it was the best meal of our vacation. All I can say is GREAT BOAT, GREAT CAPTAIN AND GREAT CREW!!!
Capt. Michael S. Quartin

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